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last updated at 2003-03-14 21:08
eikeon: A first stab at a Project Release schema and a section for sharing any such data gathered.
eikeon: If anyone is interested please do give it a try.
eikeon: Feedback on schema is more than welcome.
danbri: Nifty! Can you link to the RDF/XML src for each release description? I find it easier to understand instance data than schemas...
DanC: see also: some other easter rules, in progress, by timbl
DanC: "The date for Easter was set by the Council of Nicaea in 325 AD to be the first Sunday after the Paschal Full Moon" -- Astronomical Calculations - Easter Sunday
timbl: Convergence of rules/query builtins and XQ builtins is a worthy goal. Or at least, some shared standard modules.
DanC: let's see what cwm built-in time functions I'm using, and whether they have analogs here...
DanC: hmm... fn:escape-uri. I was thinking about adding that to cwm.
DanC: cwm's time:month seems rougly analagous to fn:get-month-from-date, except that cwm's month just goes from strings ala "1776-07-04" to "07"
DanC: hmm... fn:escape-uri. I was thinking about adding that to cwm.
DanC: sent a comment why the special case for % in fn:escape-uri?
danbri: I wonder how the non-binary ones can be mapped into RDF...
danbri: I wonder if the xml query / path WGs would agree to our treating some of their URIs as naming RDF properties
DanC: yes... NaryRelations hmm...
DanC: hmm... xquery uses for constructors (e.g. dt:date)
DanC: i.e. it takes a namespace name minted in XML schema part 2 to refer to a namespace of datatypes and re-uses it as a namespace of constructors. Just like InterpretationProperties!
DanC: to rdf core wg: RDF schema for XML datatypes?
DanC: also: chat log
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