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last updated at 2003-03-12 17:29
timbl: add() then close() to input, any(), each() and the() for easy queries.
calendar agenda 5: Danbri talks about recurrence usecase
libby: see usecase
danbri: Basic idea is simple: shops and services aren't available 24x7, so we should be able to use RDF calendar representation to show when services are available, alongside other information about those services that (thanks to RDF's data mixing emphasis) can draw on other RDF/XML vocabularies.
chaalsNCE: Simple answer is to encode straight cycles (every 7 days. Monday is a thing that happened every 7 days for over 2 millenia...)
danbri: If someone gives me a start on the RDF cal bit, I volunteer to decorate it with other RDF goodness. I have a collection of photos of local (Bristol) shops I'd like to use for this.
chaalsNCE: Exceptions such as Anzac Day (every 25th April) should be reasonably straightforward to lay on top?
libby: see Martijn van Beers' recurrence tutorial
danbri: Exceptions are subtle problem in RDF, due to monotonicity requirement.
Calendar meet agenda 4: Going from RDF to iCal (Ryan Lee)
Calendar meet agenda 3: Test data - where's the best place to get it from?
Calendar meet agenda 2: How will we know when we're done?
libby: ACTION libby summarise this discussion into smethign we can discuss again and maybe agree on in an email
Calendar meet agenda 1: GPL'ed code under
libby: RESOLVED: "For now, do not check in GPL code. Establishing a GPL-friendly repository or part of one remains on the agenda"
libby: 1. is it OK to check GPL'd code in under (Libby) - postponed from last time
libby: 2. How will we know when we're done? (Libby)
libby: 3. Test data - where's the best place to get it from? (Libby)
libby: 4. Going from RDF to iCal (Ryan Lee)
libby: next meeting 26th March, 2003 at 17:00 UTC
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