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last updated at 2003-03-05 20:36
JosD_: luminary talk W3C Glossary W3C Glossary by Olivier Thereaux
JosD_: ... Ultimately... Searchable, easy to manipulate (Think RDF)
JosD_: i.e.
shellac: Usage: java -jar FoafFinger-0.1.jar "My Name" email@ddress [optional port]
shellac: Then try 'help'.
shellac: This is a little fancy that lets other users (on the same subnet) find out about you
shellac: eg at conferences, meetings.
shellac: It is also an rdf leveraging tool - makes producing rdf (foaf) data simple
shellac: using "dump <filename>", uploading, then "set seealso <url of dumped data>"
shellac: uses jrendezvous (with a little bugfix)
shellac: Source
shellac: Can't load RDF - but that's why it's ~50k :-)
libby: go on, have a go - tiny download....
JosD: W3C Working Draft 16 November 2001
DanC_jam: hmm... "4. Semantic Values and Types". looks an awful lot like XML Schema datatypes.
DanC_jam: type coersion stuff looks like XPath
JosD: Luc replies (via mail) that in a the new draft (due this month) section 4 is gone and what they kept is a reference to EcmaScript compact profile and they just use the datatypes provided in there
JosD: what they added is a convention to make an XML fragment from the ECMAScript object
JosD: ... would be good to look to this with N3 glasses
SemWeb impact of Speech Markup Specs? hmm...
JosD: I did, some time ago, it was when we cooperated in an IWT project with Luc Van Tichelen who wrote Semantic Interpretation for Speech Recognition
JosD: thinks that scripting should actually be descripting
JosD: scripting is too procedural, de it to become declarative
DanC_jam: see also discussion
JosD: I just spoke with Luc, who's actually a heavy believer in declarative languages, and it's quite clear that RDF could help a lot to achieve inter-app interoperability here
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