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last updated at 2003-03-03 21:17
shellac: RDF and Rendezvous - together at last
shellac: _very_ preliminary release
shellac: Usage: java -jar FoafFinger-20030303.jar <name> <mailbox> <homepage> [<port> [<interest> [<plan>]]]
shellac: Then try 'find' to find other people on the subnet
libby: sample session at 20.28
shellac: 'show <number>' - show more info about that person
shellac: 'I know <number' - indicate you know that person
shellac: 'dump' dump out info about you in rdf
shellac: A tiny tool which (I hope) is useful
DanC: v 1.5 2003/03/03 16:23:44 got one test for aboutDay working.
JosD: transcribed from Prolog clause for owl:complementOf by dmiles
JosD_: using N3 and some pretty useful stuff can be done in such negation# namespace
JosD_: though our engine blows up at uncommented :rule60n6...
JosD_: many thanks to dmiles
DanC: owl:incompatibleWith can't be in the owl: namespace. seems to belong in this namespace: @prefix : <owl-rules#>.
DanC: I kinda like they way N3 allows you to not make up names...
DanC: e.g. instead of { :rule1i1. ?p owl:inverseOf ?q. ?s ?p ?o } log:implies { ?o ?q ?s }.
DanC: consider: { :rule1i1. ?S [ owl:inverseOf ?P] ?O } log:implies { ?O ?P ?S }. # I like ALL_CAPS_VARS too
JosD_: DanC, I've found owl:incompatibleWith in Web Ontology Language (OWL) Reference Version 1.0
JosD_: point taken for ALL_CAPS_VARS
JosD_: and indeed we could/should rewrite ?S [ owl:inverseOf ?P] ?O into ?S ?Q ?O. ?Q owl:inverseOf ?P because an existential becomes a universal in a premis
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