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last updated at 2003-03-01 23:41
DanC: I crawled some foaf-space recently... some details, with 850k of results that I'd like to see smushed.
bijan: Oh, this looks like fun!
JosD_: by Guido Naudts
JosD_: anti looping mechanism
JosD_: looping lemma I, II, III
DanC: typo: "a quit simple one". s/quit/quite/
DanC: a software engineer's treasure-trove.
DanC: background reading: Modula-3: Language definition
DanC: were it not for this, I'd stop using swap/pim/contact, probably
danbri: Bummer. I'd like to get to the bottom of this point, I think it's somewhat unsettling to have a question mark dangling over RSS, DC, XMP, CC... not to mention FOAF.
danbri: Thought experiment: HTTP conneg allows an http-named general work to have multiple concrete instantiations that can be shipped around as bytestreams. RDF has notion of Class and members of that class. I wonder whether the analogy can be pushed.
danbri: ie. that ie W3C's icon, abstractly conceived, is a generic 'Work' (can we say 'Class'??), and the image/gif and image/png instantiations of that work, each with their own sizeInBytes, are members of that class.
danbri: " rdf:type" ?
DanC: I much prefer to treat the W3C logo as a cyc:Individual
DanC: ... because it is a cyc:TemporalObject; i.e. it was created. There was a time before it existed.
danbri: More vocabularies that don't use #: dmoz, chefmoz.
DanC: presented by Sowa to ISO SC32 Working Group 2 on January 28th
DanC: cited from msg to scl from Sowa 5Feb
danbri: Wow, this is a lot more detailed than I remember, it deserves some study.
earle: the philosophy is that an HTTP URI may identify something with a vagueness
DanC: on the use of # vs / in foaf
danbri: Yeah, I spent an afternoon trying to get Apache httpd.conf to redirect all those URIs to
DanC: then you'd run into httpRange-14, and I still wouldn't be happy.
danbri: But I didn't manage it with regexes etc., I forget why now. I might have to do it by hand, ie. a separate moved-temporarily for each property and class.
danbri: Re httpRange-14, I'm in the same boat as Dublin Core, RSS 1.0, my wordnet-in-rdf vocab, Adobe (, ...
DanC: same boat... yes... but those others haven't bitten me as hard yet. ouch... adobe too? sigh.
danbri: Can you give an example of a system that thinks "that documents and properties are disjoint", and has proved useful? (Note that the 'error-finding diagnostic' case is only compelling for those that believe they're disjoint, so I'm not gonna change to seeing them as disjoint solely because it'll then create a new class of errors to detect!)
DanC: not yet. but the future is longer than the past, and you can decide later that two names mean the same thing. if you ever agree that you're using the same name for two different things, you're hosed.
danbri: I buy that argument. Strangely enough it is why I steered clear of '#' in my ns names. I was worried that denoted at least two things, depending on context.
danbri: I've closed this issue: property names such as foaf:name should now dereference OK (by tmp redirects). See issue text for details.
DanC: he closed this bug after fixing the 404 part of the bug, and opened a new issue on # vs /
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