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last updated at 2003-02-28 11:44
danbri: "Combining the skills of the librarian
danbri: From a while back...
em: originally published in "Searching the Internet," by Clifford Lynch; Scientific American, March 1997
em: now if only SciAm would have a persistence policy for uris the original online citation would still work.... arrrggg
danbri: "The Faculty of Cartography of the University of Openness would like to invite you to attend and participate in a week (or more) of the Cartographic Congress, a meeting of mapmakers and maps from all contexts of cartography due to take place over 6 weeks from May 5th to June 15th 2003."
danbri: "The form of the congress at this point is: A series of maps, mapping processes and other materials, collected and presented in and around Limehouse Town Hall (an independent cultural production space in East London) . A map showing the location and context of these maps in the hall will be produced. This is not an exhibition, the normal funtions of the Hall will still progress."
mdupont: This should tie into FOAF somehow...
deltab: "OpenURL is an effort by NISO ((US) National Information Standards Organization) to develop a standardized format for transporting metadata in a URL."
DanC: nice, but don't forget the X11 lesson: the server should give the client an ID space for it to allocate resources in. Don't require a round-trip-per-new-resource.
DanC: "The LPBN moves to Creative Commons Licensing 01-01-2003"
DanC: 27Feb-1Mar 2003, Berkeley
DanC: Fox, LaMacchia, Abelson, Lessig... the usual suspects.
DanC: "The single most important reason to focus this year's conference on the law and policy issues pertaining to digital rights management (DRM) technologies arises from Senator Hollings' proposed "Consumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act," S. 2048, which would, among other things, outlaw general purpose computers and most open source software by requiring that devices and software capable of playing digital content have sta
DanC: ... technologies built into them. It would also make the government an arbiter of the technologies to be mandated."
DanC: Aaron Swartz
DanC: 28 Feb 2000
DanC: is there a debian pstoedit package? hmm...
DanC: J Strother Moore, Heeze, the Netherlands, August 10, 2002
DanC: apropos of nothing, except the Fall 2002 alumni newsletter I come accross while cleaning my desk.
DanC: and perhaps his 'Sad remark' on software quality, one of my favorites.
DanC: hmm... is PDF sufficiently open? I'm running into interop problems between ps2pdf on linux and OS X preview... plus, there's the change control thing; though Adobe tends to be more rational than other players, hmm... SVG print a long-term answe?
DanC: EWD is one of AaronSw's heros
DanC: one of several late heroes in that list.
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