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last updated at 2003-02-27 16:32
libby: shellac ones are smush tests
danbri: "Each binding in a query answer is a URIref or a literal that either explicitly occurs as a term in the answer KB or is a term in DAML+OIL. That is, DQL is designed for answering queries of the form "What URIrefs and literals from the answer KB and DAML+OIL denote objects that make the query pattern true??"
IRC chat about RDF query testcases
libby: attending:
libby: libby miller, inkling/squishQL query implementation
AndyS: Andy Seaborne RDQL in Jena
JosD: Jos De Roo Euler
Jeen: Jeen Broekstra, Sesame/RQL,RDQL query implementation
AaronSw: Alberto Reggiori and Andy Seaborne RDF Query and Rules
timbl: Tim Berners-Lee, Swap, Cwm
AndyS: See also ISWC paper with Libby and Alberto
danbri: Dan Brickley, W3C. Stuff I've done... Co-authored QL'1998 papers on rdf - Enabling Inference, w/ Guha et al.; distributed query issues w/ PeterV, Query and Inference services w/ Decker et al. Worked on the library that became Inkling w/ Libby
danbri: ...her mutate Guha's RDFdb QL into Squish, worked on Squish implementations in Ruby, working on mapping between RDF query langauges and Mozilla XUL templates. Recently more interested in hooking soap services into distributed RDF query, and on rules/query relationship, and on whether we should start more formal W3C work in this area.
AndyS: Remote query experiment Joseki
mattb: Matt Biddulph, bits of triple querying code
em: Eric Miller, started query work in eor but playing with RDQL, Squish lately... interested in seeing if it makes sense if a query / API is ready for standardization for future semantic web work
libby: next meeting13th match, 15:00GMT
libby: "Aim of the meeting - To start to draft a manifest format for RDF query testcases which can be used with multiple query syntaxes and perhaps multiple resultset formats.
libby: something to start with
libby: andy seaborne's version
libby: geoff chappell's comments
DanC: found it during foaf seeAlso crawl
DanC: e.g. one of their exported foaf files
DanC: it's keeping cwm busy!
DanC: I think cwm is doing an n*(n-1) search over their data. :_{
danbri: For sites that expose lots of such data automatically, maybe a single large aggregated download file would make more sense?
danbri: Participants (so far): Libby Miller, Graham Klyne, Andy Seaborne, Alberto Reggiori, Jos De Roo, Jeen Broekstra, Dan Brickley, Eric Prud'hommeaux, Danny Ayers, Matt Biddulph...
danbri: ...I think this demonstrates some interest amongst implementors.
libby: there's an IRC chat about this later agenda
libby: see also later thread
libby: I tried to summarise teh first thread in a wiki
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