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last updated at 2003-02-26 21:03
jhendler: using
jhendler: USGS Mapping service - wonder how available their DB is
DanC: now I'm getting nervous
DanC: but I guess yahoo gives lat/long for everything in its yellow pages, so I should stop worrying and learn to love the SemWeb, I guess.
DanC: Theory, from the Olsen timezone stuff
DanC: unpacked by somebody from its home at nih
timbl: 100 rallods bounty for conversion to RDF.
timbl: DanC notes the pseudo-RDF in the HTML file
timbl: It is in two different forms of binary
libby: everyone welcome - 3pm gmt for an hour
timbl: "I still think that it would be very useful to come up with a common way of describing a very simple conjunctive RDF query"
mdupont: [[The data will be made available via real-time pull technology, such as Web Services based on XML, alternatively the data can be delivered as a SSIM file to the user of the data to compile as required by their e-commerce channel]]
mdupont: The killer meeting that dashed hopes of making an XML file format for SSIM
mdupont: [[IATA and SISC have received inquiries as to whether XML standards will be produced for SSIM. Some exploratory work will be undertaken, but no major work is anticipated at this time.]]
mdupont: PDF file
mdupont: Rates4Linux the Linux rating application, a big user of the Time infomation
using foaf magic for authentication credentials
mdupont: The Scheduling Services department is responsible for the development and maintenance of standards and procedures for the exchange of schedule data between airlines and airports and airport Coordinators
regression testing
DanC: libby seems to be doing the right thing with graph matching and all that. DanC is really curious.
libby: see makefile for java ical2rdf and readme
DanC: spiffy. you're one step ahead of me.
maintaining the ical.rdf schema
DanC: currently underdocumented. (sorry)
DanC: action libby: have a go at figuring it out, documenting it.
DanC: clues are in the Makefile
x-properties and namespaces
DanC: from agenda
DanC: RESOLVED to institute an ical product registry ala '' + firstFew(prodID) + hash(prodId) and to put RDF schemas there based on data we find from deployed products
DanC: action libby: implement it, add/update some tests
DanC: I hope to implement it too, in due course
anybody wanna play pathcross?
DanC: i.e. connect your travel schedule to your foaf info, look for intersections with other travel schedules
libby: ooh excellent idea
DanC: ok, found my foaf thingy
DanC: now... to connect that to my itinerary
is it OK to check GPL'd code in under ?
DanC: from agenda
DanC: I'm note sure I can contribute to GPL code; MIT owns the code I write.
DanC: Action libby: talk to daniel resare- ask if w3c license would suit his purpose
DanC: hmm... do we want/need a homogeneous license?
DanC: seems valuable for the data + vocab
libby: danb_stilloffsic: On that front, ie the schema, can anyone comment on the situation re producing a derivative work from an IETF spec?
would bugzilla help for rdf-calendar stuff?
DanC: from agenda
bitsko: Random kibitzing, but one person's opinion (mine) is that a issue tracking tool is an indicator of low quality in a process, not a solution. Fix the process upstream.
bitsko: speaking specifically to Bugzilla as a tracking tool in-and-of itself, it's very cumbersome to use and comes preconfigured with overbearing amounts of information to enter and track.
bitsko: We're using Gnats on a project, which comes out of the box a little less overbearing, and then stripped out every unnecessary step and field in the Gnatsweb web interface.
bitsko: our Gnatsweb has two main modes: list of open issues, and view/edit issue
bitsko: we consolidated all the header items into a two-column header of seven lines, followed by an "add comment" box, then the list of comments in most-recent-first order
DanC: the RDFCalendar wiki is there
DanC: RESOLVED: try the wiki instead for a while?
datestamps (why aren't they considered as datetimes?)
DanC: from agenda
DanC: we looked at [test case:]
DanC: RESOLVED: all is well. nothing needs changing. datestamp in this test case is ok.
DanC: I think I'll make a BLURB for each item...
DanC: hmm... they show up in reverse order in the weblog. Oh well.
DanC: sure would be nice if the weblog showed the chump label (A/B/C).
bitsko: hmm, thought it did in the HTML source, but I don't see it now.
libby: next meeting march 12th 2003, 17:00 UTC
bitsko: oops, didn't really mean to log that, but, there ya go!
shellac: A warning from history...
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