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last updated at 2003-02-25 23:11
danb_offsick: "Follow along at home, play arm chair project manager, track sneaky developers as they attempt to checkin in poorly commented code, all without leaving the comfort of your favorite RSS aggregator. (or something like that)"
DanC: been on my wish-list for a while
danb_offsick: DAML Joint Committee/RuleML Working Draft 24 February 2003
danb_offsick: "Transitive n-ary relations. OWL supports n-ary relations and transitive binary relations, but not transitive n-ary relations. "
danb_offsick: I didn't know OWL supported n-ary...
DanC: some swap/cwm tutorial stuff on log:includes, log:notIncludes, defaults, self-answering questions, and the like
DanC: I scanned it; I intend to fix some typos and such
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