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last updated at 2003-02-22 19:44
danbri: '"Web pages are hard to index without a standard structure," said Cleveland. "But Google can easily index RSS feeds."'
danbri: 'Cleveland said Google will likely use Blogger to develop sophisticated searches that utilize the rich metadata inherent in the RSS feeds from weblogs: who wrote what and when, what it linked to, what linked to it and its level of popularity with Web surfers.'
danbri: 'Cleveland said the search tool his company built for Blogger did exactly this kind of indexing on individual posts, in real time.'
danbri: '"By doing this we were taking a couple of baby steps down the road of what some have called the semantic Web -- a Web ... where computers can understand, at some level, the meaning and context of a Web page or blog post," he explained in an e-mail.'
SethR: by Bijan Parsia
SethR: Me thinks that social meaning of a stating is the effect that stating has on some agent, formal meaning is something else entirely ... trying to make {meaning(s, agent) == socialMeaning(s, agent) + formalMeaning (s, agent)} is going to end up being a category error.
mdupont: a new initiative to promote free software in Education
mdupont: To promote open file formats
mdupont: For Institutions, Students, and Teachers
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