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last updated at 2003-02-19 17:28
danbri: aka finding out whether Bugzilla works for collaborative RDFS editing
danbri: FOAF stuff in ch14 under non-commercial apps. Hmm its time to clarify some bits of the vocab (surname/familyname/first/given/blah) before its too late...
danbri: by Peter Valkenburg, Dan Brickley (position paper, W3C query workshop, Boston 1998).
danbri: see sectionon query routing... We should be able to do a nice job on that for RDF aggregators. List of all URIs, vs list of all hashed URIs, or list of URI/property or property/URI pairs...
danbri: "No single catalogue can offer complete coverage of the Web, so there is a need for a 'forward knowledge' mechanism by which search agents might discover services that offer 3rd-party descriptions and metadata annotations for some specified Web resource."
danbri: I should crontab this...
danbri: Gives property and class occurance stats, not much else
danbri: Would like to do URIs too, and URI/property pairs
danbri: so I can use it for bulk service description metadata, query routing etc.
danbri: Includes semwebbery...
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