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last updated at 2003-02-18 23:57
danbri: Uses namespace, amongst others.
danbri: See also svg src (may not always work, depends on rdf harvester...).
DanCon: some 23Jan comments
danbri: Settlments, etc.
danbri: I have no idea about accuracy or completeness or rules for use, but theres a fair chunk of data there.
zool: This perl library aims to provide as many tools to make it as simple as possible to calculate distances between geographic points
DanCon: a wonderful study in naming, persistence, consensus, etc.
sbp`: haha: "7080000000 jibbles per day"--What does jibble mean?
danbri: I've not studied the innards. Does it use RDF, SOAP, etc?
danbri: Perhaps... both?
danbri: See XUL source code for details.
danbri: Runs in Mozilla (my 1.3a version, anyways)
danbri: See also Amazon.js for the code that queries the amazon web service.
danbri: "At the time of writing, there is no consensus around the best form for an RDF sitemaps vocabulary. For historical interest, here is a screenshot of an early RDF sitemap implementation: the first release of Mozilla (Netscape 5)."
danbri: "That format was based on the (over) use of nc:child arcs to indicate structure. As such, the sitemap format didn't preserve document ordering of items described sequentially. Other subequent variants have experimented with the use of rdf:Seq."
danbri: Preserving document order is in my experience quite critical to having a sitemap file format that users can understand. In practice with RDF, this means using rdf:Seq.
danbri: Just as we do in RSS 1.0 feeds.... even though there will always be lots of other interesting ways to (re)order the data.
Wack: Screenshot of a work-in-progress sitemap editor using a Mozilla XBL rdf editor/viewer widget
Wack: It works by creating a crude reified model of the input model, crude because of the mozilla rdf-tree that displays it and my not-so-complete understanding of it :]
danbri: Why did you need to reify?
danbri: Does it use Moz's XUL templates?
Wack: I create a seperate datasource that holds the information you see in the screenshot, based on the input datasource
Wack: I try to find the resources that are subject of, but not object of statements and go walk the model from there, all statements with the same subject end up in a rdf sequence
Wack: Each statement, represented as an anonymous resource, (with rdf:object, rdf:subject etc statements about it, that's why I called it 'reified') has a statementsAboutObject predicate that targets another sequence, this way the rdf xul template can easily nest
danbri: See #rdfig ig discussion of 2003-02-18 for context.
danbri: The other thing Mozilla did in their v5 sitemaps implementation was split large site descriptions across multiple files. eg webcat.rdf and bized.rdf in my 1998-era example data.
danbri: The moz 5 linking was done like this: <child rdf:href="" name="listings by subject"/>
danbri: ...but that left things unclear; client tools couldn't be sure when the target was HTML, when it was parsable as RDF. In FOAF we use rdfs:seeAlso instead, as a strong hint that the referenced document may be readable as more RDF data.
dajobe: based on/working with other apps such as hMAFRA
dajobe: with an LGPLed implemenation of the processor in Java with Jena
dajobe: FROM access/mysql TO RDF/XML or N3 or N-Triples
dajobe: not Semantic Web
dajobe: has an online version for 2003 only; then locked down?
dajobe: (petty) needs a bit of a spell check
jhendler: There will be an active online version - not just for 2003.
jhendler: in addition, will have part of the web site for submission of demos and content -- with short articles appearing in the print journal discussing these
jhendler: metadata for the journal is expected to be made available as well
jhendler: Stefan Decker, the Editor in Chief for the online part of the journal, would welcome your suggestions for the online journal
jhendler: see also for more info
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