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last updated at 2003-02-14 19:51
DanCon: e.g. America/Chicago
DanCon: hmm... how to combine this with lat/long data, airport data etc...
DanCon: hmm... how to say this in N3... "Each location in the database represents a national region where all clocks keeping local time have agreed since 1970. Locations are identified by continent or ocean and then by the name of the location, which is typically the largest city within the region. "
DanCon: there seem to be some exceptions; e.g. America/Indiana/Indianapolis is 3-levels, not 2.
DanCon: 100 point bounty for n3/cwm rules to convert a local time in any of the cities in the database to UTC.
DanCon: for continents, we could use lat/long convex polygon approximations. countries, cities too.
DanCon: for cities, one lat/long is probably enough... maybe a radius
dajobe: add this to your apt sources:
dajobe: deb ./
dajobe: deb-src ./
dajobe: then apt-get update
dajobe: and apt-get install libredland0
dajobe: of course, best to get the development package(s) too - libredland0-dev libraptor0-dev
AndyS: Jena2 preview 1 download
AndyS: Jena2 is an internal re-architecting to support inference and fast query : API remain essentially the same
AndyS: Preview1 does not support persistence nor DAML/OWL
AndyS: Stable release is still Jena 1.6.1
AndyS: SourceForge project for Jena
dajobe: well done Jena team
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