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last updated at 2003-02-13 14:58
rights rules
DanCon: I wanna model rights description interaction in N3 rules ala "any derivitave work of an GPL work is a GPL work"
DanCon: goal: enough to do Creative Commons stuff,
DanCon: ... and enought to answer questions in the W3C IPR FAQ
mozdanbri: Would 'derivative' be defined in prose / legalese, or do you aspire to capture some of the meaning of that formally too?
DanCon: prose
DanCon: 400 point bounty to anybody who beats me to it
mozdanbri: This would have interesting apps eg. with Debian packaging, where the notion fo being polluted by 'non-free' package dependencies is a concern.
mozdanbri: Or v-versa, for those who are concerned about 'virality' of GPL.
AaronSw: { ?l a cc:License. ?l cc:requires cc:ShareAlike. ?x cc:license ?l. ?y is cc:derivativeWork of ?x } => { ?y cc:license ?l } .
AaronSw: test data: gnu:lesser a cc:License ; cc:requires cc:ShareAlike . kde:khtml cc:license gnu:lesser; cc:derivativeWork apple:webcore .
AaronSw: cwm successfully concludes { apple:webcore cc:license gnu:lesser }.
em: by Bob DuCharme
em: "The first time I tried the RDFLib Python libraries, the lightbulb finally flashed on."
em: Well done dajobe!
danbri: Wiki scribbles on PICS in RDF. Not much there yet, feel free to add...
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