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last updated at 2003-02-12 18:51
danbri: An N3 calendar test case from gk
gk: The calendar data is at the end of the file
making proposals and deciding them in IRC.
DanCon: I offer a 300 point bounty for implementing the protocol we just used to decide 1.1q4, say in RRSAgent
DanCon: see discussion
DanCon: see esp 4.4 iCalendar Object re 1.1 on today's agenda
danbri: Source of more test data?
danbri: Probably mostly generated by MacOS X tools?
libby: RDF calendar workspace
DanCon: spiffy agenda
DanCon: agenda + OK to check GPL'd code in under ?
danbri: RESOLVED (1.1q4): to use { ical:component a rdf:Property; ss:rangeIntersects ical:Vevent } to relate calendars to events, e.g. in the case of multiple calendars in one file. { :cal1 ical:component :ev1. :cal2 ical:component :ev2 }.
libby: next meeting 26th Feb 2003 17:00 UTC
AaronSw: I've submitted a new draft (text) to the I-D editor
SethR: Pat Hays explains de-re and de-dicto in relation to RDF reification
danbri: Aka why I never use RDF's reification vocab.
SethR: where Seth muddels that the WG goofed
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