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last updated at 2003-02-11 20:13
dajobe: or python
dajobe: An April fool that turned real
danbri: Feel free to contribute...
libby: agenda items to today please
dajobe: "As of release 1.2.1 RDFLib now passes all of the positive and negative rdfcore [parser] test cases."
dajobe: well done eikeon
danbri: Aha, suddenly various things make sense. I wondered where log:forAll was dissapearing to...
danbri: "These files support XSLT-based RDF parsing, with the output in (something approximating) the RDFCore WG's NTriples syntax."
danbri: "This package includes a full RDF parser in XSLT by Max Froumentin. See below for parser todo and buglist."
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