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last updated at 2003-01-10 22:10
danb_lap: William Loughborough's ideas for place and event tagging, starting in Yerba Beuna Gardens, SF., USA.
danb_lap: "first a garden, then a city, then the planet..." (w.l.)
libby: SWAD-Europe has one too in a profile of XHTML that means you can generate an RSS 1.0+events channel
libby: maybe I should try and persude them to do something similar...
danb_lap: See also blogmapper graffiti demo.
libby: think I should have used for the Banksy thing. Banksy also has his own homepage
danb_lap: See spec (v.91, 8th or 9th of august or september, 2002)
danb_lap: Looks good, although [[Note that the namespace for RDFMap is ("nurl" stands for "Not a URL". is a domain which does not resolve to an IP address, and which we use for naming entities which are not web resources.) ]] goes against RDF practice of having useful docs at namespace URIs.
danb_lap: Used by blogmapper.
danb_lap: Featuring WGS84 Geo Positioning: an RDF vocabulary, following #rdfig chat.
danb_lap: I've linked to some related work, and I was gonna say, "don't plan to do anymore until someone uses it", but as I typed this, Jim Ley said "foaf people map and airports data now uses it".
JibberJim: Airports in RDF and FOAF People Map now use it!
zool: sample rdf for hackney or for bethnal green station (ns subject to much change)
zool: uk gps waypoints in weird file format
mortenf: rdfs:about should probably be rdf:about in the schema?
danbri: I've updated this a fair amount, including now a prose account of the vocabulary.
danbri: Next thing, should add some examples.
danb_lap: I added a paragraph that begins to describe how this RDF vocabulary differs from XML-based document typing approaches.
danb_lap: "As this is an RDF vocabulary, we define properties of a kind of thing, a Point, rather than the structure and characteristics of an XML document type"...
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