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last updated at 2002-10-18 20:17
DanConn: "Outport aims to be a generic program for exporting date from Outlook (Outlook + export = Outport. Original eh? :-) ) to various email/pim programs. It currently it can export to the Contact, Calendar and Task formats of Evolution, plus a number of generic formats supported by Outlook itself (Rich Text Format, HTML, vCalendar, vCard, iCalendar, etc)"
jhendler_: article from XML journal about RDF and XML
jhendler_: Bijan and jhendler authors
jhendler_: apologies for terrible layout - but that's how the journaaal did it.
timDamlPI: Mike Dean example of online daml service
DanConn: chuckle! didn't expect this sort of humor from Mike: "YOU'VE REACHED THE END OF THE SEMANTIC WEB. Please click here to go back to the beginning."
DanConn: re Data slide: go mike! the daml airports data and such is very, very hand!
DanConn: any clues on how to get acroread to rotate the dang thing?
jhendler_: Panel called "State of the Semantic Web"
jhendler_: panelists are Berners-Lee, Hendler, Studer, Hayes and Dean
DanConn: cf daml pi meeting agenda
jhendler_: acroread has a rotate button - you need to hit it 3 times, and then the slides are right side up
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