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last updated at 2002-10-17 16:03
sandro: an approach to RDF query which I'm personally fond of. No one else seems to like it, but I felt the need to write it up anyway.
libby: like - are they dead or not, were they married to Carly Simon or data
libby: came up as a special box on a TAP search
MarkB: TimBL is still clicking apparently (others are "still kicking"). cute.
DC 2002 SWAD-E workshop - tools and demos
libby: Eric Miller demos a navigation tool he whipped up using Redfoot
libby: and IsaViz an authoring and visualization tool for RDF
libby: there's also an IsaViz mailing list I just found
libby: now Eric demos TAP, specifically a TAP search for James Taylor
libby: danbri: TAP makes it easier to reference by description for things that don't have a uri. Here's a recent paper on TAP
libby: libby briefly demos RDFAuthor; wonders if the swing version is finished....
JibberJim: from this RDF.
MaryYo2: Semantic Web Conference in Tokyo, Japan Sept. 18, 2002
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