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last updated at 2002-10-16 23:59
DanConn: pretty close to the cyc time vocab, at least at a glance
sandro: Presentation:
DanConn: Presentation by Sandro Hawke
DanConn: interesting stats on mailing lists
DanConn: presented by Eric Miller, W3C Semantic Web Actity Lead
DanConn: to DC-2002 in Florence, Italy
DanCon: Deborah McGuinness et. al., Stanford KSL group
DanCon: debM is hosting a break-out on explanations/proofs at the DAML PI meeting
MaryYo2: Generalized Metadata from your Palm, was accepted for the Extreme Markup Languages 2002 conference.
MaryYo2: Comment by Norman Walsh on his paper at Extreme Markup Languages 2002
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