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last updated at 2002-10-15 18:18
Seth: is background for Monotony discussion on www-rdf-comments
danb_lap: There's an RDF version in the works. I had a quick look (@@todo -- find public url), it uses RDF classes for thesaurus nodes. Nice work.
danb_lap: Nearby ayf -- a disposable foaf harvester (warning: crappy perl script, uses regex instead of rdf or even xml parser). Someday I might fix that.
danb_lap: the sample output from ayf is quite fun... (who are these people? :)
libby_in_the_mid: see also monday and tuesday so far
DanCon: a few more captions, perhaps? I'm interested to know who's in many of these pictures.
DanCon: DC2002
libby_in_the_mid: traugott koch, lorcan dempsey, rachel heery and andy Powell from DC
DanCon: fiddling with image annotation... swbot state
DanCon: hmm... would be nifty to have enough info in the image annotation KB to conclude that, for example, danbri was in Florence today.
jhendler_: taught by Bijan and Jhendler (mostly the former :->)
DanCon: presented to the calendar workshop
DanCon: this Makefile has more of the details of the bailing wire and toothpicks
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