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last updated at 2002-10-09 15:48
chrisc: DCMI Period encoding uses this syntax: name=Perth International Arts Festival, 2000; start=2000-01-26; end=2000-02-20;
Aside -- has anyone got a convertor for Crontab syntax...?
gk: IETF RFC proposed standard profile of ISO 8601 for date/time formats
Calendars, Schedules and the Semantic Web, by Terry R. Payne and Libby Miller
Swedish holiday calendar (from Apple)
danb_lap: see swedish32Holidays.ics (webcal url, aka Swedish32Holidays.ics via HTTP.
Building on the world's investment in HTML (danbri use case)
libby: danc created something danbri and eric vderl worked on - w3c main page witrgh a profile of xhtml - use xslt to scrape out a rss channel
libby: libby did a events+rss version
libby: very minimal changes to html environment
libby: a tutorial for making a web page web-friendly, building on teh w3c one
jan's usecase
libby: find two people in a house worth 200,000 pounds where they're both away for a week!
libby: trust: even knowing where you are is valuable e.g. for a CEO
libby: danc: security things is main focus of researtch project at W3C - policies of who gets to see the phone numbers of people going to a meeting etc
kal's usecase
libby: making it as simple as possible for people to do teh bare minimum - so could find out where small touring theatre companies are playing locally
libby: make it easy for the little guy to publish
libby: danc - what about a form of html you culd publish in
libby: andy agrees - peopel don't read rdf
danC's usecase
libby: visualizing travel information
libby: palm_>desktop and back. scraping schedules off webpages to RDF.
libby: ical from evolution to RDF, and scrape off the webpage, and see if missing off the personal calendar
martin's usecase
libby: needs of a specific community: LTSN - 30-odd projets catalohuing events, conferences etc - all using different underlying technologies
libby: a really big event could be cataglogued 30 times.
danb_lap: See also LTSN website
libby: generate events - for people who are moving from static to database-generated websites
libby: the national clearing house for information could poll the individual LTSN centres for data. A step towards interoperability is using RSS+events module
libby: the spec for rss+events is vague, with lots of ill-defined text strings. However it's very simple spec and so very easy to implement - the 5 fields available suit our needs very well.
libby: several centres are becoming enthusastic about this technology and we want to be able to ID events from multiple sources.
danb_lap: So my LTSN-economics use case, 'notify me of economics events associated with Bloomfield House'.
libby: jan: lots of interest in UK portals for event calendars e.g. for students
libby: martin - stndards are very important because of the diversity of the technologies used
libby: SIMPLE spec - this is really important
joachin's usecase
libby: organnising a conference
libby: one point for distributiong information about it.
danbri's usecase
libby: dentist's homepage - a gif!
libby: would like to give them good advice: looks good, accessibility, semnatic web - everything
libby: terry - wouldnt it be cool to make appointments
Mike's usecase
libby: see slide 10
AndyS: Greg's Orlando paper
Pat Hayes summarizes survey of Knowledge Represenation formalizations of time
DanC: timePoint, timeInterval, timeDuration were key concepts
danb_lap: See pat's research page for links to postscript docs and overview.
danb_lap: How my dentist shares opening hours in the Web
danb_lap: See those pages for detail; I won't scribe so verbosely. -- dan-scribe
JosD: some slight attempt to DanC's code to accomodate cn:temporallySubsumes usling rdf list arguments
JosD: ... in
iCalendar/RDF questions
DanC: ical uses 20021009, while XML Schema part 2 uses 2002-10-09. When we convert ical->RDF, which should we use?
DanC: how to represent iCal's rrule in RDF? a proposal/example: ics in, rdf out
libby: in icalendar for timezones you can use: a 'floating' date-time - with no timezone. (This means: this time in all timezones - and therefore different actual times); or a date-time with a timezone property, e.g. DTSTART;TZID=US-Eastern:19970714T133000 (I'm unclear if there is a uniquely specified list of TZs: guess there must be.) ; or a date-time with a UTC timezone: DTSTART:19980119T070000Z (no timezone property allowed)
libby: W3C's profile says that you can use
libby: so these conflict
libby: I'd be interested in talking about modelling issues - e.g. person whose homepage is x
danb_lap: Greg mentioned its treatment of opening times, and contextual assumptions eg of 'is open 5 days...'
libby: good background on the icalendar calsched working group
DanC: in progress; the interesting bit is the part that scrapes from un lat/long stuff
danb_lap: Useful fodder (sorry) for restaurant agents. Data available under liberal license in rdf.
danb_lap: See also: open directory in rdf
JibberJim: RDF appears to be invalid XML :-(
libby: see also another retsina page
libby: Terry and libby at SWWS
libby: terry and libby at SWWS 2001
libby: 'The bane of my existence is doing things I know the computer could do for me'
Damian's test calendar file
danb_lap: See test.ics
danb_lap: Or via 'webcal:' uri scheme, test.ics
danb_lap: calendar sharing site from the Mac community
deltab: still using 'http'-like 'webcal' scheme
danb_lap: Example calendar feed
danb_lap: We're borrowing the #rdfig channel today...
Calendaring Workshop notes
DanC: see discussion
danb_lap: Nearby: sample data in triple-y format to paste into query form alongside rules.
libby: see also ble valley soccer club schedule - raw materials
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