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last updated at 2002-10-03 19:54
dajobe: [[xml:lang is fully supported, both in RDF/XML and any document embedding RDF/XML. Moreover, the language tags are checked against RFC1766, RFC3066, ISO639-1, ISO3166. (There is an outstanding issue to do with ISO639-2 incompatibility: Xerces, and hence ARP, rejects three character language identifiers like "rom", i.e. Romany).]]
dajobe: plus they added Scouse, Lobjan and a few others in CVS :)
dajobe: previous discussion of ISO3166 etc.
larsbot: I believe identifying languages with codes is inherently wrong for RDF
larsbot: URIs is the way to go, as it avoids restriction to a particular definition of "language" and a particular set of them
dajobe: is closing a list of terms important? it might be
dajobe: and more, from May this year
larsbot: I'm a linguist; this literal is in Alekano; now what do I do?
Talliesin: Funny you should say that I'm currently playing with a language URI webservice, to enable language URIs to be dereferenced in a meaningful way.
Talliesin: I'm building it very much as an experiment to start discussion, no more.
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