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last updated at 2002-09-26 16:16
ptitjes: Backward-chaining engine
ptitjes: with N3 import
ptitjes: Other features not demonstrated:
ptitjes: - RDF import/export
ptitjes: - Triple rule language import
ptitjes: - Modular design enabling integrating other parsers and reasonners
ptitjes: Not yet supported:
ptitjes: - Four builtins implemented (<, >, log:equalTo, log:notEqualTo)
ptitjes: - Others not yet done
JosD: looks great and eXtremely Promising
JosD: especially also the "Query execution time: 0.07s"
JosD: Oh, and Backward-chaining, really?
dajobe-lap: a desktop tool for teachers to create educational metadata using Dublin Core and RDF
dajobe-lap: in java, with swing - sound familiar shellac?
libby: updated agenda
libby: comments welcome
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