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last updated at 2002-09-20 21:57
danbri: Anyone here tried it? Feedback (via #rdfig or would be good.
danbri: I saw some earlier stuff, and the TAP KB in MySQL, not had time to investigate 'Tapache' etc...
dajobe: yeah yeah, I only tried it Wednesday, can I have a day to write it up?
danbri: Sure. I'm looking into using TAP vocab in RSS 1.0 feeds, so info sharing etc is particularly useful right now... I think EricM has a working installation somewhere too.
sandro: ... for those of us who wondered what happened to KIF.
danb_lap: A FOAF RDF document, styled with an XSLT transformation into XHTML.
DanC: cool! the XSLT runs client-side. works in galeon, even. Have we finally met Engelbart's view control requirement?
danb_lap: I think they're very open to suggestions, tweaks, contributions...
DanC: any idea how to get a nice-looking view of this <referenceinfo> stuff?
DanC: wow... even a converter to
DanC: hmm... just when I'd got kinda situated with galeon/evolution as my html/http/email/calendar tools, mozilla starts to get really interesting again.
jhendler_: EMail sent to rdf-interest - see there for details
jhendler_: lotsa work needed to make it a "real" RDFS/OWL tool, but it already should provide some good functionality
jhendler_: even got it out w/MIT license (cc: version in the works, I think)
DanC: finally!
dajobe: great stuff; something to read on the plane
dajobe-lap: woo?
MarkB: "Look, putting angle brackets around things is not a technology, by itself."
sandro: Brin says "I'd rather make progress by having computers understand what humans write, than by forcing humans to write in ways computers can understand."
sandro: On the one hand, that's a valid debate. Who is more flexible, computers or people? It's a wide-open question.
sandro: On the other hand, it's beside the point. When the computers start to understand the people, the computers will still need a way to exchange that newly-understood information. We wont want every computer to have to figure it out all over again. (This is happening already as some labs generate RDF semantic markup on natural language texts using AI techniques.)
sandro: Of course many of Brin's leading "100 PhDs", such as Peter Norvig, know this full-well. Why am I arguing with a sound-bite?
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