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last updated at 2002-09-10 18:18
sandro: chumped in by mistake
sandro: (I didn't really mean to publish this, but... why not! :-)
JosD: I like slide 13 very much as this is how we have it in Euler...
JosD: i.e. { :a :b :c . :d :e :f } is basically an identifier of a set of triples
shellac: Find out when Damian is meeting Andy Seaborne. Thrilling :-)
JibberJim: why the stupid pointless javascript?
shellac: Available now (see iDisk -> Software -> Apple Software)
shellac: Seem to be able to publish calendars on web, and 'subscribe' to other calendars
shellac: Direct download and tour
shellac: publish -> webdav, subscribe -> http w/ auth and updates (AFAICT)
chaalsNCE: Oh for a logger/chumpbot on the channel. Soon....
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