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last updated at 2002-09-08 18:10
JosD: Author is Guido Naudts --
JosD: The parser is based on the grammar from blindfold N3 BNF
JosD: and the parser uses also the structures defined in N3 primer
JosD: ... guess that should have been based on the grammar from blindfold N3 BNF
JosD: another 74 testcases
JosD: and one about owls even ghowls :-)
sbp: the test files look cool, but I can't get the program to run. I downloaded the zip and read the readme, but it initially brings up an error about the parameter files. when I put in dummy files, it complains: AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'N3Http'
sbp: ah, there was an import loop; I had to manually correct the file
sbp: N.B. to get the test cases to work, you really do have to move testCases into the parser dir. perhaps it should already be there...
sbp: test 52, for example, gives: Prefix/@/@prefix : <test#>./@/Subject/@/:a/@/test#a>/@/Verb/@/:b/@/test#b>/@/Object/@/:c/@/test#c>/@/_subject/@/Verb/@/:d/@/test#d>/@/Object/@/:e/@/test#e>/@/Subject/@/:f/@/test#f>/@/Verb/@/:g/@/test#g>/@/Set/@/Subject/@/:h/@/test#h>/@/Verb/@/:i/@/test#i>/@/Object/@/:j/@/test#j>/@/EndOfSet/@/Subject/@[...]
JosD: part of Guido's thesis
JosD: functional specifications in Haskell
JosD: proposal for "An inference engine for the semantic web"
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