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last updated at 2002-09-06 18:11
danb_lap: I was just on phone to British airways and asked about getting email confirmation of a flight change; they pointed me at this.
DanCon: evil back-button-breaking redirect
danb_lap: It wanted my surname and my (sekret? I don't know...) Amadeus booking code. There's also a version for mobile users, maybe WAP/WML?, but seems to be offline currently.
danb_lap: They have an 'email this itinerary to a friend in text or html' facility too. I've just requested one, to see what the formatting's like.
danb_lap: Hmm, email hasn't arrived yet. There's also a 'add to my desktop calendar' facility, which appears to depend on a (veri-signed) plugin, and, I think, on Windows.
DanCon: and DanC
Morbus: :Please refer to the copyright/license information listed in each file for instructions on allowed usage. The data is NOT FREE although it may be used for free in specific circumstances.
Morbus: :ou are also welcome to quote small subsets (less than 20 names/titles) of filmography or title related data on non-commercial websites, on message board systems, in magazine articles etc.
Morbus: :It also includes a command line search interface.
Morbus: : Specifically the files may NOT be used to construct any kind of on-line database (except for individual personal use). Clearance for ALL such on-line data resources must be requested from Internet Movie Database Ltd
DanCon: "This SQL table of little more than 8000 airports around the world has been compiled from various sources on the Internet. I believe I?ve had to do a sufficient amount of my own work and data mangling to call this my own. "
DanCon: i.e. Marko's own
DanCon: "The other option is to buy the official Location ID codes from IATA; an annual subscription to the data is $2,190.00 (USD)."
DanCon: looks like an unstable marketplace of info; seems more efficient to have a million monkeys take GPS readings and use statistical methods to eliminate noise/forgery
DanCon: Jibberjim converted it to RDF in a matter of seconds; e.g. PLZ, LHR, JNB
JibberJim: Airports by country e.g. GB also available.
JibberJim: Airport data is different to Mike Dean's no idea which is more accurate.
Morbus: :Grab the code from the CVS, follow the instructions here
Morbus: :See the final logo for the final product here
Morbus: :Warning, I stopped working on this code due to time restraints. There may be bugs. Merging bookmarks is possible, but not heavily tested.
jhendler: better than the Business Week article :->
jhendler: (Except no mention of DARPA or EU, so won't help the govt funding situation)
jhendler: quotes from Timbl, Em, Guha among others
DanCon: nifty. Bayesian nets again; gotta study those some more.
dajobe: nothing public to see here just yet except for one screenshot
DanCon: "21 sites, or 4.6%, used valid HTML. This is up 24% from the February test." (from marko's site; hmm... permalink?)
DanCon: ah: [
DanCon: tasty: a A Standard Set Datatype
DanCon: # Interned strings are no longer immortal.
DanCon: more good stuff from debian weekly news.
DanCon: based on otter
DanCon: "* The father of all todays modern theorem provers is Otter developed by Bill McCune. We use Otter as a single step proof checker for our proof checking tools.
DanCon: consults Debian Security Advisory list in RSS/RDF
DanCon: found it via debian weekly news for 3Sep
DanCon: example output:
DanCon: Package Installed Available Note
DanCon: gaim 1:0.58-2 1:0.58-2.3 DSA-158 - arbitrary program execution
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