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last updated at 2002-09-03 18:35
jhendler: jhendler and bijan to teach a room full of grads about semantic web
jhendler: this is a temporary page - link to class info to see what we are up to.
olmy: the first four dimensions space/time seem a lot more concrete and might be easier to implement
olmy: cyc can fall back on its knowledge when determining which context to put new assertions in
Seth: The collection of all Cyc collections. Cyc collections are natural kinds or classes, as opposed to mathematical sets; their instances have some common attribute(s). Each Cyc collection is like a set in so far as it may have elements, subsets, and supersets, and may not have parts or spatial or temporal properties. Sets, however, differ from collections in that a mathematical set may be an arbitrary set of things which have nothing in common (se
Seth: seth:Context type Class; subClassOf (cyc:Collection of documents).
dajobe: you also said: <Seth> seth:Context collectionOf (rdf documents), (other documents too).
dajobe: so what is a document, an RDF resource? a uri-ref?
dajobe: why do you need cyc:Collection instead of, say, set
dajobe: a seth:context seems different from an n3 one as far as I can tell
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