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last updated at 2002-08-29 17:06
dajobe-lap: I think this is complete, although my head is spinning with blank nodes
JibberJim: Simple RDF parser, for use in webbrowsers and SVG clients.
JibberJim: Parses a lot of RDF, but not all.
JibberJim: Only passes 14 out of 32 of Raptor's tests.
JibberJim: rdf:li and rdf:seq not supported.
dajobe-lap: Amphetadesk "Written by the improbably named, and unnaturally helpful, Morbus Iff"
Morbus: Note: the article's not written by me - merely AmphetaDesk.
JibberJim: The project provides extensive annotations of areas of paintings, and bump maps of these.
JibberJim: doesn't seem to be using any interesting metadata type stuff, but it's a good example of what can be done with image annotation metadata schemes.
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