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last updated at 2002-08-15 22:18
DanCon: useful to attack the N3 grammar problem
DanCon: aha... sep-term test seems to be working...
DanCon: no onto the ; stuff...
libby: plus all sorts of interesting stuff about fish modelling and XML being sucky. And OWL drafts.
libby: what a great newsletter, and a lovely robot on the front page:
libby: UMBC robot
danb_usa: They broke the first rule...
libby: the ntriples are probably a bit crufty
libby: also you'll have to fix the bnodes. at the moment they start with "genid" or "urn"
libby: ok so they're very crufy ;)
libby: I _think I fixed them but probably not. any info on what's wrong welcome.
libby: I forgot the dots at the ends of the lines but they're there now.
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