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last updated at 2002-08-07 22:35
SethR: can now read RDF and display it in user friendly manner
SethR: allows you to surf the semantic web ...
SethR: read in the directory at and click on the red ~read~> buttons
SethR: also works on N3 files, but you may not be satisfied with the lack of quantification triples
SethR: many thanks to eikeon and sbp for their fine parsers :)
SethR: read in and check out how nested bNodes really look like
SethR: or just click here to see a screen shot
SethR: note that clicking on the red ~read~> buttons in the screen shot won't work unless you have installed sailor in the default port
DanC_jam: what vocab did you use?
Seth: sailor screen shot of a Rudolph retrieval of seth russell from google
Seth: another sailor screen shot only this one guesses the html and is more user friendly
DanC_jam: when starting to implement this, I made some code review notes
DanC_jam: some implementation support in rdfn3.g and
dajobe: Updating this at the moment. Already changed the notation section, added rdf/html notes.
dajobe: namespace changes now include the collection terms
dajobe: names test cases updated with rdf:first,rest,nil,List,nodeID
dajobe: a new test case contains all legal rdf/xml forms in one file. I hope that 'all' is true here!
dajobe: well, not all forms; but all names used as property elements/attributes and node elements
dajobe: welcome rdf:nodeID to the rdf/xml syntax
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