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last updated at 2002-08-04 22:03
Address Book semi-automated sync
DanCon: see notes
DanCon: and yahoo address book schema
DanCon: other peers I use: evolution contacts. previously used: nokia cellphone, palmpilot
DanCon: see also, earlier work: Palm Pilot Address Book, an RDF Schema
DanCon: and the contact schema in swap
DanCon: and, some python code to convert RDF to LDIF
All I know about syncing RDF with PalmOS devices via coldsync
danbri: The coldsync site has a general intro, a list of existing conduits and documentation for conduit authors.
danbri: There's an example todo-dump conduit which dumps Palm data into a text file. I need to find or write the corresponding todo-fetch code, which fetches data into PalmOS .pdb files from external source(s).
danbri: The coldsync man pages explain how the conduits get run. You reference them in your ~/.coldsyncrc configuration, and then when synch'ing they get run at the appropriate time.
danbri: A conduit is just a script that gets run with two commandline args; the string 'conduit' and then either 'fetch' or 'dump'.
danbri: That really is all I know :)
danbri: Oh, it uses the usual Perl Palm modules, plus the one that comes w/ Coldsync.
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