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last updated at 2002-07-30 23:39
DanC: discussion of IETF consensus process
DanC: found this when looking for the "We don't believe in kings, presidents, or voting. We believe in rough consensus and running code." mantra
DanC: "The IETF Does not believe in running code. The IETF used to." ouch!
DanC: "blessed are they who sit on a pin-head, for they shall rise fast." chortle.
DanC: discussion is 23 Jun 2001, btw.
libby: I'm going to release this shortly - if anyone fancies giving it a test....
libby: new stuff - a new parser (thanks andyS for help with that); GPLed; moved to ARP; Leigh Dodds hrefactored a whole bunch of stuff
libby: also some usecases, jsps, war files etc
libby: and testcases, with a different license
libby: also a link to my pet project a little RSS+events calendar personal server (tar.gz)
libby: thogh I think the mozilla calendar could do what I'm trying to do
danbri: Showing interop w/ moz-calendar would be very cool. They're starting to look at RDF, (and RSS ?) etc...
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