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last updated at 2002-07-18 23:11
mdupont: Object relational mapping, JDO, and Database engineering Broadly speaking Object Relational Mapping tools map objects onto a relational database. The goal of these tools is to reduce development time, database applications. O/R Mapping and database engineering tools generally obtain metadata in some form - by reverse-engineering from the database, from XML, or from Java classes. Barry and Associates have a set of presentations on Objec
mdupont: THis is to show aj how cool rdfig is
mdupont: Has been cleaned up
mdupont: this is broken, how can i delete it?
mdupont: there is nothing to see here right now. but the hyperdaml is crashing
mdupont: is an attempt at nesting strutures
ssyreeni: A few thoughts about yesterdays daml:Unambiguous et al. discussion
DanC: ooh..
DanC: this was discussed, breifly, in today's telcon. The issue owner's proposal still calls for OWL:FunctionalProperty OWL:InverseFunctionalProperty.
DanC: I'm not going to object. I can see the point that saying that something is both a ManyToOneProperty and a one to one property is a little goofy.
ssyreeni: that's just the point. under the E-R terminology, one-to-one relations are a subclass of many-to-one, one-to-many and many-to-many ones. whatever one wants to say is done by rdfs:subPropertyOf.
ssyreeni: so, the unproperties correspond precisely to the established meaning of one-to-many and many-to-one.
mdupont: This is very similar to what I am doing with the except they use a standard XMI format
mdupont: But XMI looks really nasty.
xover: Has the ability to keep multiple calendar schedules and synchronize them over the web.
xover: The synchronization probably makes use of WebDAV as the transport and either iCal or SyncML, or both, as the format.
xover: Can publish calendars to the web, but may try to "nudge" you into using .Mac (aka. iTools).
xover: For those using Mac OS X (10.2) and a suitable cell phone, provides the synchronization with your phone, handheld, or even your iPod (!) for free.
xover: Utter vapourware so far (though the demo was pretty cool), but if Apple decides to make this tech reasonably open, this has lots of potential for making my life a lot easier!
golbeck: From MINDSWAP
golbeck: Written by Mike Grove
golbeck: Gives users a nice form to fill out in order to create RDF instances
jhendler: a small company in Toronto started up to do Sem Web stuff
jhendler: they have some nice documents on their site (intro, business case, etc.)
jhendler: no endorsement implied
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