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last updated at 2002-07-11 16:09
Morbus: :'ve been playing with blog tools and desktop news aggregators lately, so I thought I'd post some short summaries of what I've seen and what I've run into as problems.
libby: an interesting model which uses RDF designed for manageing resource collections
libby: the method of using RDF - which we think fecili9tates the use of scemas to produce just in time instance data
libby: and stom ereally neat SVG pictures - lovely
libby: Here's a coool London Tube map example
danbri: Interesting, it has a handle. I had a RDF resolver thingy for handles somewhere. (rummages) resolution info for hdl:/1014/yads (scraped,...).
DanC_: works for just one simple case, so far.
DanC_: details in the Makefile
DanC_: skipping 2nd example... dia doesn't seem to support multiplicity/cardinality on attributes, and the enumeration seems goofy.
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