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last updated at 2002-06-21 21:13
jhendler1: article in Washington Post re: internet society meeting - some provocative lines
AaronSw: printer friendly all-on-one-page version
jhendler1: Good quote: Michael Nelson, an executive with International Business Machines Corp. who is conference co-chairman, said "We are actually at a point where we can make some very wrong decisions, and the Net will just kind of become like any other industry,"
Seth: "Until we reach a major breakthrough [on privacy protections and authentication], I wonder how much real progress we can make in using the Internet as a trusted vehicle for commerce," said Keith Besgrove ..... uuuhhhh where has this guy been the last 5 years
Seth: .... anyway we should all be able to easily run a server on our cable modems ... they should throw that into the hopper
larsbot: seems to be intended as a sort of "topic maps" light for the average web developer
larsbot: person behind it is Peter van Dijk, who also runs and lots of other websites
jhendler: many of the old SHOE tools can now become RDF tools as we get parka out of mothballs
jhendler: PIQ is a graphical query interface for binary stores (a/k/a triples)
jhendler: 500 points to first one to use it to front end someother RDF DB
jhendler: or a beer for anyone old enough to claim it :->
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