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last updated at 2002-06-18 22:36
Seth: provides a http server of semantic memory
Seth: allows you to write your application pages in HTML with embedded Semenglish imparatives
Seth: doesn't do <uri> yet, but soon will
Seth: open source, cross platform, written in python
Seth: anybody want to test it in a real internet domain ?
Seth: lets you play in as many contexts (graphs) as you wish.
Seth: allows you to write your own grammars. Only Quads provided currently as input, semenglish and HTML as output. Soon to be able to read and write RDF\XML, N3, KIF, CycL, Semenglish, and someday English.
Seth: RDFWeb is an experimental linked information system, where the linked items are machine-understandable documents in the World Wide Web. These documents, written in the XML, RDF and XHTML languages, are harvested by our Web indexing programs, which then merge the resulting information to form one big database. By exploiting various features of the RDF technology alongside related tools such as digital signature, we can use the Web to retrieve
Seth: How many triples are in the database now ?
DanC: Oct 3, 2002 Pittsburgh, PA
DanC: PC includes Wadler, Murata, Brown, Fernandez; J. Clark invited speaker
DanC: ah... PLAN-X page
DanC: oh well... "Submission deadline: Friday 31 May 2002"
AaronSw: With questions like:
AaronSw: Which of the following most accurately captures the meaning expressed in the above graph?
AaronSw: 1. Jenny's age and the Film's title are the same thing which is represented lexically by the string "10".
AaronSw: 2. Jenny's age and the Film's title are both the string "10".
AaronSw: 3. Jenny's age and the Film's title are (potentially) different things which are represented lexically by the same string.
AaronSw: 4. All RDF Core WG members are bogshitters.
DanC: bummer... why not ask the question in more black-and-white terms, i.e. as a test case?
DanC: appealing to intuition isn't likely to get good/interesting data.
DanC: note that this is a draft of something to be sent to the community; it hasn't been sent yet.
Major RDF Core Decisions
AaronSw: DECIDED: we will try to provide a mechanism such that certain triples in an RDF graph are not having assertional impact (logs)
AaronSw: Furthermore, this will be done using reserved properties and a function isDark(URIref) (logs)
AaronSw: DECIDED: description of RDF using base will becaome a non-normative appendix of RDF formal semantics document (was RDF model theory) if it is ready in time for publication. The description of Lbase will be published as a W3C note. (logs)
AaronSw: DECIDED: will create a new "Resource Description Framework" document to cover graph syntax, what it means to assert, character normalization, other material from primer...
AaronSw: DECIDED: bwm will be "Series Editor" ensuring consistency across drafts and such
AaronSw: Looking at a last call on 26-Aug.
Morbus: :Plain-text speak about the different versions of RSS, how to create, validate and promote, and where AmphetaDesk wants to head.
em: Kudos Morbus!
AaronSw: "You give developers a good name because you write good code and you obviously care about your users."
edd: neat Perl script by Phil McCarthy that enables you to hoover your MSN buddy list into RDF/XML using the FOAF vocabulary.
edd: part of the ongoing energy burst for semweb hacking over in our corner of little England. mattb did a first-pass of freetext searching in Redland, too.
libby: cute, very cute. could do this with palms maybe too?
AaronSw: W3C employees do the strangest things...
gerald: note that I had nothing to do with this :)
JibberJim: Putting Aaron or libby in the photo with RDF!
danbri: Lots of stuff on temporal KR. Pat Hayes suggested that some of this work might fit in with SemWeb/temporal modelling needs.
jhendler: James Allen and Drew McDermott did the basic work that led to major approaches in temporal reasoning
jhendler: -
jhendler: now a thriving subfield of AI and reasoning - see overview of temporal reasoning
orNotBijan: Danbri just skimmed Actions and Events in Interval Temporal Logic, and says it looks well worth careful revists
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