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last updated at 2002-06-17 15:55
DanC: starts with our 2nd IOW and elaborates.
jhendler: OK, it has absolutely nothing to do with the Semantic Web
jhendler: but I thought it was ultracool - Australian groups manages to "transport" subatomic
jhendler: particles -- Scientists at the Australian National University (ANU) made a beam of light disappear in one place and reappear in another a short distance away.
jhendler: best line - reporter asks "when can we transport humans" and Australian scientist replies "I think teleporting of that kind is very, very far away," Dr Lam says. "We don't know how to do that with a single atom yet.
AaronSw: Blast from the past. Listen to Tim struggle to describe the Web in 1993.
AaronSw: Even then he was complaining about how it had turned into a radio sort of listen-only think rather than a collaborative community.
AaronSw: Interviewer: "when i click on the word i'm actually FTPing a file???"
AaronSw: Cool, Malamud asks about caching and propagation, stuff that's only being solved now by projects like the Open Content Network.
AaronSw: Wow, Tim is talking about annotation servers.
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