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last updated at 2002-06-15 22:12
danb_lap: "In fact, RDF's great strength is that even without the Semantic Web in place, it has proven to be a practical and usable technology in assorted areas of computing."
danb_lap: "It can be used for data descriptions in highly generic and extensible databases, or for sophisticated modeling in application development. As a result, an impressive and growing selection of tools and vocabularies are defined in RDF for ready use. "
orNotBijan: Eh. There's something a bit odd about the causality there. I mean, (in these quotes) Uche's not comparing RDF to similar tech and its usability for these problems.
orNotBijan: I mean, just about everything can be a practical and usable technology in assorted areas of computing, particularly if it's reasonable generic and you apply enough elbow grease.
danb_lap: Looks like have a complete and up-to-date translation of all the xmlhack articles.
danb_lap: Er... I assume it's in Russian (but I can't read it...)
danbri: Reads an RDF manifest that describes sample queries and their properties. The test vocab was a bit arbitrary. Should do a proper one, based on this, libby's and the rdfcore test manifests.
danbri: Current rdfq_test_manifest file is pretty basic. I want to describe queries abstracted (where possible) from their textual notation (so can have rdfdb, rdql , algae) and also some sample RDF graphs, expected query results etc.
danbri: Previously I was embedding too much of this inside code, which makes cross-language testing difficult.
DanC: released 11Jan
DanC: might be transitioned into swap travel stuff
danbri: Now reorganised slightly. rdfc14n.xsl canonicalises in a first pass, rdfc2nt.xsl takes that input and parses RDF triples from it.
danbri: see files for details. An older version of this was embedded in RubyRDF, but I've not updated yet.
danbri: The sourceforge pages also list an rdfdb class. Haven't more info on that yet.
edd: The source code is in CVS. Looking at the rdfdb code, it is a PHP wrapper for Guha's RDFdb database / query system. The parser code is pure PHP.
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