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last updated at 2002-06-14 20:02
danbri: If anyone has more online files with XMP-embedded metadata, do let me know.
danbri: "This is a specification for representing IEEE P1484.12.1 Learning Object Metadata version 1.0 in RDF."
danbri: Do send review comments if you've time and inclination. They'd like to get this right, and see it working with RDF tools...
Dev_2: :IDE v1.1 with integrated graphical editors to create EDI/XML conversions
Dev_2: :performs much better memory management and higher conversion speed
orNotBijan: As jonb said, looks like this is a bit of spam.
jonb: hrrumph
orNotBijan: "Dev_2" popped on, never seen here before, posted this, and ran when asked by jonb about relevance.
orNotBijan: But this is good, I can now say, without much or any research, that you should avoid this product and company as much as possible.
libby: see jibberjims vizualization and the the output from RDFAuthor
JibberJim: SVG Visualisation grouped by domain showing is dominant.
libby: we need this info for project planning
libby: no sensible way of adding to it though
libby: I've been playing with nice ways of displaying rss+events data
libby: what would be neat is an XSLT thing for displaying rss+events. But I don't know if you could merge together several files as you can with RDF query
libby: see also the day and month jsp files I used to create it
Morbus: :Along with an interview by Aaron Swartz, Morbus releases the new AmphetaDesk v0.93 for your aggregating pleasure.
Morbus: :An interview by Sean Palmer and Aaron Swartz, rather.
AaronSw: new screenshots: 1, 2, 3, 4
AaronSw: they have their powerpoint from devday, powerpoint poster from SW Workshop 02 (what's that?)
AaronSw: but could they please, please release some code
MarkB: looks like KnowNow's KnowNow app
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