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last updated at 2002-06-09 17:26
danbri: "FLORA-2 is a sophisticated object-oriented knowledge base language and application development platform. It is implemented as a set of run-time libraries and a compiler that translates a unified language of F-logic, HiLog, and Transaction Logic into the XSB deductive engine."
DanC: [[ Biology will out-innovate the centralized planning "Department of Sanctified New Ideas" approach every time if given half a chance. Once the law of large numbers kicks in, even in the presence of Sturgeon's Law ("90 percent of everything is crap"), enough semi-good things happen that the progeny are at least interesting and some are quite vigorous. ]] (quoting Farber)
DanC: oops... quoting Mike O'Dell, rather.
jhendler: Peer to peer meets semweb in the education context
jhendler: poster at WWW, now several papers
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