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last updated at 2002-06-08 19:03
JibberJim: Links to software and techniques which can automatically identify faces in images
JibberJim: Wanted something to automatically identify faces in codepiction pictures.
dajobe: may contain less bugs than last time
dajobe: for win32 issues, danbri pointed me at Building and using DLLs from cygwin
danbri: the whole thing, including Redland as well as the Raptor parser, built pretty easily with Cygwin :)
danbri: Well, I didn't spend time looking at BerkeleyDB, so may be overstating a case. Still, I thought it encouraging.
dajobe: there are win32 build bits in the release - MS developer studio project files etc. but they are out of date
danbri: '"We stand on the threshold of success", Lenat 51, said recently'.
danbri: More credulous honk, 'In 1986 Cyc asked whether it was human. That same year it asked whether any other computers were engaged in such a project.'
danbri: cat /etc/motd... Am I human? Are there any more like me? What does this button do?
danbri: (link from slashdot post)
danbri: Something better to read on AI (imho), Rodney Brooks on Intelligence without Representation.
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