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last updated at 2002-06-06 21:14
danbri_: "Semantic Web Development - Intent of Work (Feb, 2002)",a useful summary and status report on the MIT-based DARPA-funded SWAD work
danbri_: "While neither list has been a high-traffic area (20-30 messages a month on rdf-dev, 24 messages last month on www-rdf-interest), rdf-dev's seventeen months of existence had made it a key resource for the RDF community."
danbri_: 20-30 msgs / month, sigh... :)
danbri_: Those were the days, etc etc...
CaptSolo: A draft Resume schema in RDFS
CaptSolo: Send your comments to
CaptSolo: ...RDFS with some some properties added by Protege
CaptSolo: ...Person does not have properties defined, will use vCard instead
jhendler: now we just need to teach CaptSolo DAML...
jhendler: validates fine through RDF validator
sbp: Hmm... a:range is a bit suspect. datatypes territory
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