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last updated at 2002-06-05 17:50
QArl: The goal of the XML schema design is to enable project management tools 'talk' and thus 'understand' each other; as a result [is it maintained] they can exchange information regarding task and project status, resource assignments, additional project attributes, and the work involved to complete these projects."
DanCon: sounds like CoWork
danbri_: We should add the new Syntax, Model Theory, Test Cases, Schema and Primer work from RDF Core (somewhere! not sure how best they'd fit in...).
QArl: See also: XML Version, XSL stylesheeet to generate the XHTML, and the editors Manual.
QArl: Soon an RDF version will be released with the help of Dominique-Hazael Massieux and DanC
xover`: 500 points for an RDF transcription
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