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last updated at 2002-06-03 23:49
edd: Where Gallery is the PHP photo organizing application
edd: This script is nasty and hacky, but it works for me.
jhendler_: lots of instance data generated by Mike Dean in various ways
DanCon: (another) gold star for MikeD!
jhendler_: would be useful if Mike actually wrote out the data somewhere - he produces a lot of nice "gateways" though.
AaronSw: Bookmarking. mnot's code for a object-style RDF interface.
danb_lap: See readme.txt for quick overview. Everything else (including loads of derrived files) is in the tar.gz.
danb_lap: This uses maxf's xslt for soap2rdf, dajobe's rdf parser, my rubyrdf library and some other stuff. So I made a .tar.gz with some of the resulting files (soap2rdf'd, sql-ready etc) so folk could get the rough idea.
danb_lap: Rough idea being: SOAP-encoded data is similar to RDF. By munging it into RDF we can explore the mapping, explore non-protocol deployment of SOAP-Encoding format, and show data from Web Service and Semantic Web data sources 'together at last'.
danb_lap: Also useful for exploring maturity of SOAP spec...
danb_lap: The raw data comes from NaHi's RAA SOAP service, converted/dumped by Syn|ack.
danb_lap: Has anyone tried this?
danb_lap: Only 'kind of' opensource though... according to faq
sandro: Hrm. I don't run the right platforms, and I wonder if it can possibly live up to its manifesto, but this is SemWeb App #1b for me. (#1a is something like that for IRC.)
DanC_mac: this was the only way I could see to get a browser window open from chatzilla after closing all of them.
rreck: I would be remiss if I didnt point out that the RDF is searchable in Parka
rreck: This was made using a homegrown parser I made that's available in CVS.
rreck: These show the relative frequency for a certain string across the entire 400M word archive. I think it would be neat to plot certain authors.
rreck: These are concordances with drill downs to the sentence level.
rdfig: Covers some implementation details of the Parka KB (or so Bijan tells me).
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