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last updated at 2002-06-02 21:20
AaronSw: Make your computer boot faster using the magic of XML/RDF.
AaronSw: "serel visualisation was inspired by the W3C RDF validation service. Analysis of the RDF is built on top of the Redland platform. The image is generated by AT+T's excellent GraphViz."
bijan: Makes me start trying to think about how to access regular cwm builtins from CWMClone.
bijan: "Callbacks from PROLOG to Python are also supported."
bijan: Alas, project looks a little stale...though there's a very recent mention of it on comp.lang.prolog (which is what drew my attention).
bijan: But it just uses a normal wiki...I'm still looking for the KM Wiki that let you build machine processable knowledge bases.
danbri_: I'm trying to set up a wiki space for this sort of thing. These notes cut/pasted from my test wiki. Chump might also be a good forum for FAQFodder...
danbri_: Suggestions welcomed
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