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last updated at 2002-05-30 22:28
tim-gone: "The file format is subject to change.
tim-gone: ...If a package file is to be manipulated somehow, you are strongly urged to use the appropriate rpmlib routines to access the package file"
dajobe: the max-rpm book is rather old and documents the V1 format, if it is the same age as the one I own
dajobe: RedHat do have a tendancy to change the format without much notice, but do provide C library access
dajobe: however, RPM is the Linux Standard Base (LSB) file format so maybe now will be more stable
tim-gone: Binary file format, looks on thesurface like a serious case of reinventing ASN-1 :-/
dajobe: actually RPM is based on CPIO; now it is a separate format
dajobe: includes converting RPMs -> RDF/XML
danb_lap: TWiki documentation (a sophisticated Wiki tool, GPL'd, Perl.)
danb_lap: The Twiki story of TakeFive describes their use of it as a 'knowledge base and faq' system. Unlike many wikis, it has access control. Their success stories page has raised my expectations. Now, back to installing...
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