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last updated at 2002-05-28 19:28
jhendler: JonB's posting to WebOnt of a summary of the DT issue
jhendler: nice summary of how unasserted triples matter
jhendler: discussion thread at webont archive
AaronSw: "The effort to both develop OWL as an extension to RDF and assert each and every triple, appears to have been akin to an attempt to stuff a balloon filled with water into a cube whose volume is less than that of the balloon: every attempt to stuff the balloon in results in some part of the balloon squeezing itself out somewhere."
dajobe: can this be posted to www-archive for archiving?
dajobe: "Conclusion ... Two mechanisms are provided:" those are potential solutions, not provided
JibberJim: Add RDF to jpegs.
JibberJim: Created with help from CR2V.
JibberJim: Seemingly no longer in development, and no source.
JibberJim: Other conversion tools which may help
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