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last updated at 2002-05-27 20:12
jhendler: search the WebOnt archives on UML for follow-up discussion.
jhendler: May become part of OWL working draft as a non-normative presentation syntax suggestion
jhendler: (a/k/a a note or else an appendix or such)
danbri: I made an XHTML version (c/o www-archive).
danbri: tagline: "Think the World Wide Web is a godsend? By 2005, Tim Berners-Lee aims to be replacing it with the Semantic Web, which will understand human language"!
danbri: A somewhat hype-prone piece from BusinessWeek on the Semantic Web effort. Nice to get the publicity, but somewhat scary, especially when they think we're building a Web that can understand human language.
danbri: "This mailing list is intented for the discussion of queries and rules for RDF data. We invite practical discussions with the goal of coordination and shared understanding of other implementations. "
danbri: We could refine this text... suggestions welcome.
danbri: With an example!
danbri: Has anybody managed to compile this? Know of anyone who has done so under Linux? Maybe cygwin?
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